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In the evaluation forms given to participants that Troy R Weber-Brown, MS, LMFT, presented "Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation" to at the Civic Engagement Leadership Conference with Youth on October 24th, participants were asked to rate their workshop experiences on a scale of "1-5", with "5" being the most favorable rating.

16 evaluations were received for this session that more than 35 people participated in. 

Of those 16 evaluations, 14 gave a rating.

5 gave is a "5".

4 gave it a "4".

5 gave it a "3".

Participants also had the option of submitting written comments; below are the comments we received about your session:

- I liked the workshop because everybody was involved, and it was an educational growth; you always got to know people much better.

- I think this lesson was helpful to know how to ask and who to ask.

- I liked this workshop; the speaker is great.  He is super nice.

- The speaker was clear, and gave wonderful feedback.

- I really enjoyed the facilitator, because he brought us all together, and we worked and talked together.

- It was an eye-opener to help me realize what it would be like to be in an LGBT person's shoes.

- I really liked this workshop; it showed me that people need to understand that it's OK to be different.

- In the workshop, I learned that when you're going to ask an LGBT person questions, that you should ask them if they're OK with you asking – and sometimes people are who they are, and you can't change that.

- I really loved this workshop mostly because it helped me understand more the sensitivity of LGBT people when people ask them questions, especially because I have many gay friends.

- Some people aren't comfortable with being asked their sexual orientation.  Some people will get offended.  Get to know them first.

- It was kind of awkward talking about the questions (on the Heterosexual Questionnaire).

- He thought/assumed everyone in the room was gay, lesbian,
transgender, or bisexual, but a lot of people aren't.  Thought it will help if I went hear, to help kids stop saying stuff that's offensive.

- This workshop wasn't what I thought it was, but very interesting.

- The speaker could have made the topic more interesting.


Youth and Family Services, Inc.

Would like to Announce the Appointment of

Troy R Weber-Brown, MS, LMFT

Mental Health Services

as Clinical Supervisor.  Troy will be overseeing the start up of clinical services and bring his culturally diverse, sensitive, and validating clinical perspective to the foster care and adoption licensing process.

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